Researchers dealing with the Haber family's history often argue about the causes of the suicidal deaths of Clara Immerwahr and her granddaughter Claire Haber. Numerous controversies are connected, among other things, with the lack of convincing evidence such as suicide notes or diaries. In connection with Fritz Haber's involvement in the development of chemical weapons and the scientific activities of the two women, their deaths are interpreted as a radical act of opposition to criminal warfare. The Breslau-born Immerwahr has become one of the most important symbols of pacifism.


In my work, I wonder whether it is possible to precisely determine the motivation of people whose suicide is described as a political act. Basing on historical sources and accounts of few witnesses, we interpret the biography of both women as we would like to see them - an act of radical self-destruction can be considered heroic in such a case.


The work was produced thanks to a scholarship awarded by the President of Wrocław.

MARIA, video,  21 min 50 sec, 2019 


What does caring for a family mean? And when is the right time to start a revolution? Is it responsible to take such a risk when you are a woman, mother, peasant? Maria is the result of one year’s work documenting the lives of the inhabitants of my home village. Collected materials: recordings, conversations, and notes were used to create a biography of Maria, a fictional heroine who, sensing the impending threat, joins the uprising. The sto- ry suspended in an unspecified place and time is an attempt to supplement the history of Łukowica with a biography of a peasant who opposes the conformism in her immediate environment, decides to fight for a better future and in the name of this fight, leaves her children.


Maria was produced with support from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

SUBMISSION, video, 4 min, 40 sec, 2019


As individuals, we often ignore radical changes in po- litical and social life, convinced that they do not apply to our private lives. The film presents vision of the near future in which class and racial divisions play a huge role. The main subject of the video is conformism and the eponymous submission, which cannot be justified by even the most accurate arguments.

THAT COULD BE US, video HD, 1 min 40 sec, 2019

THE PLACE WHICH COULD BECOME, WHY QUIT, video: 6 min 4 sec, HD, 2018


The main inspiration of the piece are the public housing projects of the Red Vienna (Rotes Wien) period when, between 1918 and 1934, in the aftermath of World War I, the demand for affordable housing skyrock- eted and public housing projects became one of the main concerns of the Viennese Social Democratic city government. Balcer and Ogrodz- ka tackle the socialist idea of using public housing to create a utopian place. Even though the awareness of the vital role of the public housing in Vienna managed to survive until today, the entire idea is very much endangered on the account of the growing gentrification and other interests backed by big capital. – Eva Kovač, associate of BLOCKFREI on the project Curators’ Agenda curatorial program for KulturKontakt Austria


The place which could become was produced with support from the KulturKontakt Austria and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

DREAM HOUSE, video, 2 min 37 sec, 2017


I work at BostonFoto, a small Wroclaw-based company which provides ser- vices connected with professional retouching of photographs of American real estates. Apart from basic processing, the company offers the possibil- ity of making the sky more blue and sunny, lighting fireplaces or removing waste containers standing in the presented estate. These alterations leads to the emergance of a „dream house.”

Wroclaw is nowadays one of the most mosst important cities on the out- sourcing map of this part of Europe; however, this growth does not trans- late into a balanced development of the real estate market. For years Wrocław has sprawled without any coherent urban planning strategy. In the outskirts it is possible to spot many „gems” of Polish architecture, such as fake 19th-century manor houses. Meanwhile, many Wrocław dwellers will only ever see their „dream houses” on magazine covers and advertising brochures.

In my work I have made small alterations to the eponymous dream hous- es, which introduce an element of chaos in the otherwise perfect world of American real estate.

ART STUDENT SAYS SORRY, video, 2 min 35 sec, 2015