Dream House

video, 2 min 37 sec, 2017

I work at BostonFoto, a small Wroclaw-based company which provides services connected with professional retouching of photographs of American real estates. Apart from basic processing, the company offers the possibility of making the sky more blue and sunny, lighting fireplaces or removing waste containers standing in the presented estate. These alterations leads to the emergance of a „dream house.”

Wroclaw is nowadays one of the most mosst important cities on the outsourcing map of this part of Europe; however, this growth does not translate into a balanced development of the real estate market. For years Wrocław has sprawled without any coherent urban planning strategy. In the outskirts it is possible to spot many „gems” of Polish architecture, such as fake 19th-century manor houses. Meanwhile, many Wrocław dwellers will only ever see their „dream houses” on magazine covers and advertising brochures.

In my work I have made small alterations to the eponymous dream houses, which introduce an element of chaos in the otherwise perfect world of American real estate.